Children & Baby Quilt Patterns

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Children & Baby Quilt Patterns

[Heidi Hippo Wall Quilt Pattern]

#2070 Heidi Hippo $9.00

Hip, Hip, Hooray, it's Heidi Hippo, a charming wall quilt... more

TIP: Some of our patterns, such as Zany Zoo Faces and Farm Fresh Faces, have many small templates. Stay organized: store the templates in junk mail envelopes.

[Sidekicks Wall Quilt Pattern]

#2066 Sidekicks $9.00

It’s spring! Flowers are blooming. Birds are singing. And a pair of young friends dream... more

[Zoe Zebra Wall Quilt Pattern]

#2061 Zoe Zebra $9.00

What's black and white and quilted all over? Zoe Zebra!... more

[Ellingham Elephant Wall Quilt Pattern]

#2057 Ellingham Elephant $9.00

A pint-size pachyderm that's easy to stitch. Perfect for the nursery... more

[Mortimer Monkey Quilt Pattern]

#2056 Mortimer Monkey $9.00

Monkey see, monkey do, here's the perfect quilt for you... more

[Zany Zoo Faces Quilt Pattern]

#2058 Zany Zoo Faces $9.00

Who's in the zoo? Follow the path over the hill to find out... more

[Farm Fresh Faces Quilt Pattern]

#2049 Farm Fresh Faces $9.00

A fun farm design featuring 10 animal faces and a barn scene... more

[Awesome Arctic Animals Wall Quilt Pattern]

#2053 Awesome Arctic Animals $9.00

Two designs, six animals, perfect for the nursery with an arctic animal theme... more

[Whoo's in the Cabin? Quilt Pattern]

#2055 Whoo's in the Cabin? $9.00

Whoo's in the cabin? Six scrappy little owls, that's whoo!... more

[Myrtle Turtle Quilt Pattern]

#1043 Myrtle Turtle $9.00

Full-size pattern; great for the beginner... more

[Geraldine Giraffe Wall Quilt Pattern]

Geraldine Giraffe $9.00

A very tall Geraldine Giraffe lazes in the sun... more

[Tomás Tiger wall quilt pattern]

#2048 Tomás Tiger $9.00

A terrific little tiger quilt pattern that's easy enough for the beginner... more

[Ludwig Lion Wall Quilt Pattern]

#2046 Ludwig Lion $9.00

This easy-to-appliqué fellow is sure to please... more

[Marty Mouse Quilt Pattern]

#1001 Marty Mouse $9.00

This adorable mouse is the updated version of our very first quilt pattern... more

[Francois Frog Wall Quilt Pattern]

Francois Frog $9.00

A charming frog sits on a lily pad with friends, the ladybug and butterfly... more

[Carousel Horse Wall Quilt Pattern]

#1042 Carousel Horse $9.00

Take a ride on the carousel... more

[Just Ducky Quilt Pattern]

#2038 Just Ducky $9.00

Mom and Baby Duck play hide-and-seek among the flowers... more

[Abigail Snail Quilt Pattern]

Abigail Snail $9.00

Colorful & easy-to-appliqué scrap quilt pattern... more

[On The Farm Wall Quilt Pattern]

On The Farm $9.00

Add rural charm to a child's room or the country kitchen... more

[Eleanor Elephant Quilt Pattern]

Eleanor Elephant $9.00

An easy-to-stitch elephant and balloons... more

[Bunny Buddies Wall Quilt Pattern]

#1006 Bunny Buddies $9.00

Full-size pattern for a crib quilt or wonderful Easter wall quilt... more

[Dinosaurs Wall Quilt Pattern]

Dinosaurs $9.00

Dinosaurs are every kid's favorite. Four dinosaur patterns included... more

[A is for Alphabet Crayon Quilt]

A is for Alphabet $9.00

Color or appliqué an ABC sampler, nameplate or sign... more
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Children & Baby Quilt Patterns

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