Caroline S

  Caroline S. from Houston stitched a Noah’s Ark wall quilt. The red fabric is corduroy, which adds texture. She used fleece for the horses heads and yarn for the mane. Well done, Caroline!

Denise C

  Denise C. from Texas purchased a Marty Mouse pattern from us at the Dallas Quilt Show. She said she knew exactly how she was going to use it…to “paint” the child’s name on a quilt. We think her quilt is adorable! Do you agree?

Jeanne C

Jeanne C and her daughter, Krista, from Houston dropped by our booth at Quilt Festival to show us a work in progress: Zany Zoo Faces. “Progress” had slowed due to the helper kitties.  

Rebecca W

Rebecca W stitched a Myrtle Turtle quilt for her granddaughter. She chose the nursery colors: lavenders, grays and pinks. Nicely done, Rebecca!
Toys That Travel Quiet Book

Toys That Travel Quiet Book – Bonus Extra

Use our Toys That Travel pattern to create a quiet book! The twelve toys become the pages and front cover of this soft fabric book. Embroider or write the name of the toy or anything you wish on the pages. The back cover is also a blank canvas for personalization. No quilting or tying is […]
Whimsical Woodland Faces Quiet Book

Whimsical Woodland Faces Quiet Book- Bonus Extra

Use our Whimsical Woodland Faces pattern to stitch this quiet book. The ten animal faces become the pages of the book. Elements from the center rectangle are featured on the cover. The back cover is a blank canvas to personalize the book – add names, dates, etc. Since there’s flannel lining each page, the animals […]

Quiet Books

A couple of years ago at Quilt Festival in Houston, a fellow exhibitor was looking at our Zany Zoo Faces and remarked that the pattern could be used to make a Quiet Book as a companion to the wall quilt. What a great idea! Quiet Books use the same blocks found in the patterns. Flannel […]

I love your patterns, but I don’t like to applique…

We’ve heard this more times than we care to count. In conversations with our customers, we’ve discovered that often it’s not applique they don’t like, but rather the method of applique they’ve tried. Many quilters do not realize how many different techniques there are for applique. Just to turn under the edge/seam allowance, one can […]

Virginia’s Sunbonnet Sues

In December 2004, my stepmother and Bonus Mom (so named by my brother), Virginia, shared with me a real treasure – thirty Sunbonnet Sue blocks made by her late husband’s maternal grandmother in the early 1940s. The grandmother stitched the Sues to pass the time, using whatever materials she had on hand. The Sues were cut from […]

About Those Borders on Our Patterns

Anyone who has purchased our patterns has probably noticed that we don’t do much when it comes to borders. Most are narrow and, in some cases, non-existent. There is a reason for that. Our emphasis is on the central figure(s). Many purchasers already have a finished size in mind and it is usually larger than […]